Hui Choi is a hair artist who is interested in art photography. He studied at TONY&GUY and started his career as a hairstylist and Art Director. Hair work career solely does not meet his urge to describe his understanding of fashion and the expression of profound emotions; his exploration into new areas started in 2017, when he took up photography again in London. For Hui, photography acts metaphorically for his interpretation of himself.  The simple yet emotionally rich photographs he creates of various domains — including documentary, fashion, portraits, still lifes — are inspired by the inner world everyone has, with melancholic moods and dopey eyes symbolizing our own subconscious states. Hui Choi's goal is to capture individual uniqueness and the diversity of contemporary art, often expressed through the medium of photography by discussion of social marginality issues. Hui’s photographs have been published in Italian Vogue, exhibited in Milan and the United States, and he is now being invited by publishers to start a collection of his own art photographs.